We are indeed living in strange times. Not very long ago wearing a mask into a store was forbidden. Now, you will be forbidden entry in many stores if you don’t wear a mask.

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, experts advised against wearing masks. Then, they changed their minds. Now, masks are strongly recommended, and in some areas, they are required anywhere you go in public.

Confusion about mask wearing and its effectiveness has led to some pretty angry people. The anger expressed by those who are in favor of mask wearing, and those who are against it, makes life a little more difficult. 

A friend of mine recently chose to wear a mask to go to the post office. Her decision makes sense to me. The post office doesn’t offer much space for social distancing. Wearing a mask inside would be a small step that could help prevent the spreading of germs.

When she went inside, she was confronted by a man who questioned her relationship with Jesus. All because she was wearing a mask. 

If she didn’t already have a relationship with Jesus, I am certain this rude man’s unchristian behavior wouldn’t have induced her to form one. Fortunately for him, her relationship with Jesus allowed her to forgive his boorish behavior. 

On the other hand, there are some who behave like screaming banshees about those who choose not to wear a mask. They look down from their high horse while telling people how stupid they are for not doing what they want them to do. They also tend to act as if people who get sick with COVID-19 deserve it if they did anything besides stay home and hope the virus didn’t come find them. 

Neither of these types of people make the world any better with their behavior, and both are victims of the same thing – fear. 

Those who try to bully others by attacking their perceived level of faith are no better than those who bully others by insisting they’re too dumb to understand science is infallible. 

Science absolutely is fallible, and no man has the right to judge another’s faith.

Where is our compassion? Are we so selfish as a society that we can only offer compassion and understanding to those who agree with our point of view? 

Anyone who truly knows Jesus won’t try to make others feel bad and anyone who is highly intelligent won’t find it necessary to put others down to boost their own ego. 

Maybe it’s time for each of us to ask, what category do I fall into?