Joe must not have read his Bible on the day he signed those executive orders killing the American energy industry. Else he might have stumbled (like when he fractured his foot while walking the dog) across Deuteronomy 32:13 that reads as follows in the King James version: “And (Jehovah) made him ride on the high places of the earth, that he might eat the increases of the fields, and he made him to suck the honey out of the rock, and oil out of the flinty rock.”

That last phrase sounds a lot like fracking, doesn’t it?  God seemed to think it was okay, so why not Joe? After all, we are being told he is the most religious president in recent history, if not ever.

Perhaps he also overlooked Exodus 20:13, that reads “Thou shalt not kill” when he sighed the legislation sending money to foreign nations to pay for abortions. 

During the campaign, he had pledged to follow his Catholic faith when making decisions. If I am not mistaken, the Catholic church, as well as most other Christian denominations, take a strong position against abortion as an act of murder.

As for the passage in Deuteronomy, some literalists in the audience might want to take issue with the interpretation. I stand by it, but right or wrong, the fact remains that ending fracking and the Keystone XL pipeline are job killers. There are not enough green jobs out there to accommodate all those who are going to be waiting in the unemployment lines. Where are they going to come up with enough money to pay their mortgages, make their car payments, buy food and pay for their kids’ education?

For the rest of us who still have jobs, we are going to be paying more for gas, groceries and medicine, just about every commodity you can think of, as a result of this. I suppose medical costs will be covered since we will be forced again to buy insurance at outrageous prices and buy unnecessary coverage such as birth control for septuagenarians and PSA tests for females.

Then there are those who will be jobless when the $15 an hour minimum wage goes into effect. The Congressional Budget Office, not your typical conservative leaning agency, has predicted this stunt will cost 1.4 million jobs.

The economy is not my strong suit, but even I can figure out that business owners cannot afford to keep everyone on the payroll. They will have to let some go in order to pay the others.

Is energy czar John Kerry going to offer them what he calls “better choices?” Vice-president Kamala Harris told a radio audience recently that the coal miners in West Virginia would be able to get jobs reclaiming the “mined fields” after they are shut down. But what happens when the reclamation project is finished? Where do they go then?

I forgot. Joe said they can all learn to write computer codes.

The sad fact is many of our so-called “leaders” are taking the Marie Antoinette approach to “let them eat cake.” 

Would I be inciting violence and insurrection if I mentioned her fate?

Barbara Womack

GT Correspondent