Thank You

Dear Editor,

The City of Rutledge would like to thank Kevin, Catherine, Ty and Tanner Davis for their help removing trees between two dangerous curves on Hwy. 92 when straight-line winds swept through the area. The family was able to remove the trees, opening both lanes for traffic. 

They worked hard throughout the night in the humidity. 

Grainger County Sheriff’s Department Detective Leon Spoone and Deputy Josh Tipton blocked the road with blue lights, and Appalachian Electric Cooperative cut down dangerous limbs hanging near power lines in the area. 

The family didn’t have to help, but stepped up to make sure cars could safely drive through their portion of the area. If an emergency had happened, no one could have reached a hospital without the family’s help. 

The City of Rutledge and Mayor Fred “Speck” Sykes express their sincerest thanks to the Davis family for their assistance. 

The City of Rutledge and Rutledge 

City Mayor Fred “Speck” Sykes