Dear Editor, 

Several years ago, I moved from Kentucky to Grainger County. Since that time, I have noticed an ever increasing amount of trash strewn along our local roadways. It did not seem a major issue where I lived in Kentucky, but we did have mandatory trash collection service. Granted, Grainger County does not have a mandatory service, which make all the more reason the people who live here should be aware of how they dispose of trash. 

It means keeping loose trash in their vehicles until they can properly dispose of it in a receptacle. Not pitching it out their vehicle window. People carrying bags of trash to the dump need to have it anchored properly in their pickup. It should be under a bed cover or strapped down. If you can easily put the trash bag in the bed, then it will probably blow out of the bed onto someone’s property while you are driving down the road. Your neighbor is now responsible for picking up the trash that you created. Some of it could end up in a pond, stream or Cherokee Lake. Just put yourself in your neighbor’s shoes. 

Mike Matisz