Dear Editor,

By now the readers of this paper are aware of the mountain property in Thorn Hill that was sold to Rod of Iron Ministries. Pastor Jin Sean Moon is the son of the late Sun Myung Moon, founder of the Unification Church, otherwise known as the “Moonies.” 

Work at the property has been steady from my observation, although I will not enter the premises. 

The initial shock and tongue wagging has toned down since we first learned of our new residents. “If they don’t bother me - I’ll not bother them,” seems commonplace now with some. Others shrug their shoulders and question what can be done at this point. 

This complacency of thinking is what concerns me as Jin Sean Moon continues to move forward. Understand his agenda has been well thought out beforehand, which explains why the Thorn Hill property was chosen. 

Anyone can see that the area is perfect to set up a compound with cult undertones. Geographically easy to defend. Politically easy to explain. And religiously easy to deceive. 

Let me first start off with the fact that Grainger County, specifically Thorn Hill, does not have regulations in place to hinder the movement of Jin Sean Moon. Including the accumulation and use of firearms on the property. Since Jin Kook Justin Moon, a blood brother, is founder and CEO of Kahr Arms, the supply is endless. Understand I am not against owning or practicing with AR-15s. We have that right. But regulations will occur when the freedom of a right gets abused. It’s like having the right to own a dog but when someone moves in next door with a hundred of them - it causes an issue for everyone. 

That draws me to the point geographically. The majority of residents in our area own guns and strongly support them. Rod of Iron Ministries obviously does also (hence the name) but then takes things ten times further by bringing the weapons into a worship service, wearing crowns made of bullets and threatening civil war to bring in the “New Kingdom.” 

Because they will live and behave in this manner in our area - we will suffer the consequences. Regulations will come and who knows what measures the government will use against us because of our geographical association. 

Is it conspiracy to believe for a moment that the government is allowing, or even setting up, Rod of Iron Ministries in such a way to make an excuse to take away ALL the guns? 

Let me remind you of an incident that occurred in March 2018 involving this same church. Two weeks after the Florida Parkland shooting, Pastor Moon and his congregation held a ceremony with the AR-15s, creating mayhem and causing the local school to relocate the students. Pastor Moon and the church leaders argued for the “power of guns to do God’s will.” This act alone raised national media attention and it’s the same mindset moved now into our community, except on a much larger scale. Will we have a mess on our hands due to the placement of this eccentric cult?

Politically – although Jin Sean Moon claims MAGA values that most in this area will agree with, some of the rhetoric he spews doesn’t line up. I’ll use one example. He claims to be anti-communist. Yet he has traveled to North Korea multiple times, and was invited by the North Korean regime to attend the funeral of the late Kim Jong Il as all other outside foreigners were excluded. He has donated 17 tons of flour to the communists, not to mention his affiliation with Pyeonghwa Motors in Nampo, North Korea which was started by his father in 2000. What else goes on?

Religiously – many of the churches around Thorn Hill are partially full. Most pulpits do not inform their congregations of false teachings, nor do people know their Bible well enough to discern them. This is a perfect environment for a cult. 

Pastor Moon uses Scripture but again his rhetoric doesn’t tell all. He avoids the sticky issues that excrete the blasphemy. One example is his theory that Jesus spoke of “ruling with a rod of iron” (Rev. 19:15) upon His return. Pastor Moon states that Jesus is returning but one needs to look deeper to see what Moon really teaches, that since Jesus was not a tyrant, it was Moon’s and his followers’ job to protect and help Jesus bring in the New Kingdom with the AR-15. 

(I believe Jesus returns with the armies of Heaven in Rev. 19:14). 

What can we do?

Maybe someone with influence can call a meeting of the community. Write our leaders via email or certified mail expressing your concern; Mayor Mike Byrd, Senator Frank Niceley, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Bill Hagerty and Congressman Tim Burchett. 

Do your research - there’s lots of info online. 

Do not become involved with the Rod of Iron Ministries. 

Christine Weick 

Thorn Hill