It’s the time of year when we are reminded to give thanks.

The last couple of years have made it more difficult to feel very thankful. There always seems to be something new to worry about instead. The world as we have known it has quickly changed, fueled by a seemingly never-ending virus and the crushing force of political agendas and demands to conform to someone else’s opinion. It makes it difficult to change our focus to one of gratitude. 

Despite the difficulties, we still have a lot to be thankful for, even if our lives are frequently filled with stress and worry. 

Just walk outside and look around. There is plenty to be thankful for in Grainger County. We live in a peaceful, picturesque area full of rolling hills, mountains, farmland, streams, lakes, wildlife and clean air. 

Our neighbors are most often helpful and kind, willing to chip in and help out when others are in need. In most areas of Grainger County people still wave to each other as they pass on the roadway. Just arrive at a stop sign at the same time as other drivers, and you may extend your travel time by a few minutes as good manners take over and drivers insist the other go first until one finally gives in. 

Sometimes we take these small town idiosyncrasies for granted, or even become agitated at the wait in line at the convenience store while the clerk inquires about the family of a customer, but is it better to live in a place where no one cares about their neighbor? I don’t think so. 

There are inconveniences to living in a rural area like Grainger County, but the benefits often outweigh the disadvantages.

This Thanksgiving, let’s be thankful for the place God has seen fit to establish our lives. 

We at Grainger Today are thankful for you, our readers, advertisers and contributors. Thank you for your support as we continue to strive to provide you with informative and entertaining stories about our wonderful county and the people who live in it. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tracey Wolfe