Well, Joe has been at the helm for a week.

Thus far, every decision he has made or is considering has been against the interest of the American people and our friends. They would benefit our enemies and foreign competitors. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. He telegraphed most of his moves.

My question is, to those of you who voted for him, why? You knew it was coming.

Here is a sample of what’s taken place.

He shut down the Keystone XL pipeline and ended fracking on federal land. That not only hurts our own people, it limits Canada’s ability to move its oil. As for Americans, the gas pumps are not painted red and blue. Democrats will pay the same price as Republicans. Saudi Arabia and OPEC must be ebbing their oily hands together with glee.

That decision will also impact the price of products we buy at the supermarket, the drug store, the dollar stores and in restaurants. With the price of gasoline rising, the truck drivers who deliver the goods will have to charge more. That cost will be passed on to the consumer.

He is demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage. That will not only result in higher prices for goods and services, it will cost jobs. Democrats cannot get it through their heads that business owners do not have a bottomless pot of money to hand out. They will have to reduce manpower in order to meet costs.

He stopped construction on the border wall and has hinted he might take down what has already been built. Potential immigrants are already lining up at the border demanding to be let in.

He promised the president of Mexico he will end President Donald Trump’s “draconian” immigration policies.

Another order puts America back in the Paris Climate Accords. We will be handing out billions to third-world countries, and for what? And the accords do not require China to do anything to reduce pollution.

We are also rejoining the World Health Organization. You member them? They were the guys who covered for China’s role in spreading COVID-19.

He has welcomed boys into the girls’ bathrooms in public schools and plans to let them compete against females in sports. There have been predictions this is the beginning of the end of girls’ sports and Title IX.

He removed the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office, a slap in the face of our British allies. He wants to extend the nuclear arms agreement with Russia that expires next month. That should make Vladimir Putin happy.

Although he has not acted yet, he has expressed a desire to reenter the nuclear arms agreement with Iran. That move would be an affront to Israel, our closest ally in the Middle East.

He sure meant what he said about abolishing Trump’s America First policy. At the rate we are going, we will soon be finishing last.

But his actions may bring about something he has been longing for. Unity. Only it might not be as he envisioned it. He may find the nation is unified – against him, not with him.

Barbara Womack

GT Correspondent